The New Grand California 680. Glance in the rear-view mirror and the back door looks like it’s in another postcode. A night spent in the Grand California during the United Kingdom’s brisk autumn proved the van was as comfortable as any hotel room. Quick Links New cars Used cars Vans New bikes Used bikes Find a dealer Motability Careers. Discover all the latest Volkswagen Grand California offers currently available. It feels more luxury jet than recreational vehicle. Europeans are so used to the idea of the T6-based Volkswagen California that it’s become something of an institution. The 840x800mm compartment includes a toilet, shower and space-saving sink. The California follows a long tradition of camper vans that reach back to the early split-screen VW buses. Instead, you simply put the van in Park, stroll through the cabin, and collapse on the big, well sprung bed. At 6 meters long this home away from home sleeps two adults and two children with a separate kitchen and bathroom for those extras comforts. Mercedes GLA 250e review: a successful hybrid crossover? The Grand California will start at around £69,000, increasing to £80,000 for a 680 4Motion. Please read Top Gear’s code of conduct (link below) before posting. These include a hill-start assist system, Cross Wind Assist (this is a tall vehicle, after all, so anything that counteracts the effect of a strong cross wind is welcomed), automatic emergency braking, and front and rear parking sensors. The T6 California needs the amenities of a campsite to be truly comfortable, but the Grand California has the space to carry everything you need to live off grid. Det passende soundtrack og god underholdning er inklusive. Somewhat perversely, the larger 680 only offers sleeping for two. Download the latest Grand California brochure. Both variants will come … Based on a MWB Crafter, the Grand California 600 has everything you need for your family roadie. The 600 is the shorter version of the Grand California - both versions being named for their length in centimetres. Driving the Grand California is much like any large commercial vehicle. The longer 680 model, which comes in at six metres, has a double bed at the rear as well as an overcab bed for children. K tomu Grand California vyrostla na moderním základu s vyspělými jízdními asistenty obvyklými spíše v osobních autech – třeba díky elektromechanickému řízení zvládá autonomní jízdu v pruzích s navracením do správného směru. Volkswagen Grand California 680 680 177 PS 2.0 8sp Automatic FWD Demonstration car Grey in Dartford with 427 miles, for GBP 69,991 When you reach your rest stop you’ll really appreciate the quality of the Grand California’s interior, its fixtures, and its fittings. The Grand California is a van you could realistically live in without many compromises. Volkswagen Grand California 680 interior tour The 600 and 680 numbers refer to the length of the vehicle; the 600 is 6 metres in length and the 680, rather cunningly, is 6.8 metres long. VW Grand California exterior dimensions. Contact us The lack of any projecting bodywork along its flanks also makes it an easy vehicle to place on the road. What the Grand California cannot escape (especially in 680 trim) is its size. 20. Din vigtigste ingrediens: Uafhængighed. The shorter 600 gets a higher roof that makes room for a cubby sleeping area that’s big enough to hold a couple of adventurous kids and allows the model, which also features a generously proportioned double bed, for a total of four sleeping spots. VW Grand California 600 exterior dimensions: Length: 5,986mm; Height: 2,970mm Vůz Grand California bude možné objednávat výhledově od začátku listopadu 2019. Od tohoto okamžiku bude pak také možná konfigurace v konfigurátoru Volkswagen Užitkové vozy. There’s some additional resonance and noise that’s inevitable given you’re effectively hauling a condo in the back, but the cabin is generally quiet on all but the most poorly surfaced roads. VAT) * Enquire Now Explore. Volkswagen Grand California 3,88t Grand California 680 177 PS 2.0 8sp Automatic FWD. 2020 Volkswagen Grand California First Drive: Grand Ambition In many ways, the Grand California 680 is an absolute dream of a motorhome. With a 29-gallon (110-liter) freshwater tank and coach batteries linked to solar panels, the Grand California allows owners to stop wherever they like. Volkswagen Grand California review: the best camper van money can buy? Both models has easy-to-access USB plugs near the bed for easy night-time charging. Grand by name, grand by nature – meet VW’s new supersized factory-built campervan - the Grand California. The profits we make from it go back to BBC programme-makers to help fund great new BBC programmes. BBC is a trademark of the British Broadcasting Corporation. The Grand California 680 folds down into a king size bed! But in one way it … 600 ; 680 *Vehicle reviews are conducted by an independent reviewer, information, images and specifications included may not be correct. This website is made by BBC Studios Distribution. It had been fantastic, however, right now there’s a much wilder method to stroll straight down the coastline. The Grand California is an idyllic, cosseting space that offers the promise of ultimate escapism. Based on a LWB Crafter, the extra room in the Grand California 680 will be sure to turn heads in the camp grounds. Optionally available, and useful in such a sizable machine, are items such as blind-pot monitoring and adaptive cruise control. The 2.0-liter TDI offers adequate performance; however, what it lacks in motivation it makes up for with its general refinement. The launch of the new campervan will be in early 2019. There are two models available: the six-metre long 600, and the 680, which is – that’s right, clever clogs – 6.8 metres long. So out it goes. There’s also integrated shelving and storage for toiletries and towels. The Grand California has a 2.0 litre 177PS TDi Euro 6 diesel engine 8-speed automatic gearbox, adaptive cruise control, lane assist, blind spot monitor, park assist with camera and side wind/protection system. There are some really neat touches, too, including the way the camp chairs stow neatly in the rear doors and the electronic control panel that displays the status of all the onboard systems; be it water levels or battery status. It is a van, after all. from£515. Základní cena začíná na 1.398.027 Kč s daní pro model 600 a 1.450.978 Kč pro 680. El Volkswagen Grand California se ofrecerá en dos versiones, 600 y 680, números que se corresponden con la longitud de cada una de ellas, es decir, seis metros para la primera y … Let Zuto search the market - we work with trusted lenders to find the right car finance for you.Â, There’s nothing left to learn for BMW in electric racing, apparently. Brochure. The 6.8-m wheelbase Grand California 680 that VW announced at the show uses its extra size for a larger 2 x 1.7-m (6.6 x 5.6-ft) bed fixed lengthwise in the … More likely, though, owners will use the setup to clean muck off bikes, sea water off wetsuits, or wash dirty pets. 680. from £60,200.80 (exc. Volkswagen Grand California 680 LWB 177PS Automatic 2.0. It has enough innovations to keep you intrigued, and is well built and comfortable. A defining feature of the all-new Grand California is the separate wet room. 680 Download a brochure now. The panel also allows users to control the van’s heating system. It only ever really gets vocal as it nears its – rather low – redline. Honda's new-fangled electric city car meets its absurdly equipped ancestor... Stig gets his hands on AMG's sledgehammer from 2012. No money from the licence fee was used to create this website. Two different version are available: The 600, which comes with the option of an overcab bed to sleep a total of four, or the 680 which has a longer double bed and overhead storage. The Grand California is a van you could realistically live in without many compromises. Offers. Driving the Grand California is much like any large commercial vehicle. Explore our brochures of the models you are interested in and learn more about their dimensions, specifications and interior design. There are two Grand California models – the 2/4 berth 600 with a raised roof section, and this longer, more luxuriously spacious 2 … I … Standard features on the Grand California include a fully-fitted kitchen, panoramic skylights, and a separate wet room with toilet, sink and shower. Trade Seller (71) Volkswagen Grand California review: the best camper van money can buy? Alt godt fra havet fra nabolandsbyen. An on-board toilet, shower, and bathroom sink further adds to its versatility. Get upfront price offers on local inventory. If you’re completely at one with nature, then the outdoor shower attachment affords Grand California owners to get a good scrub in before bed. ... the larger 680 model is over 6.8m and … Pro bližší informace kontaktujte svého prodejce automobilů Volkswagen Užitkové vozy nebo se přihlaste k odběru newsletteru Volkswagen. If you’re venturing a bit off the beaten track, then VW offers the van with its 4Motion all-wheel-drive system (front-wheel-drive is standard) Power for the Grand California comes via a turbodiesel 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, which works with an eight-speed automatic transmission to transmit its 177 horsepower and 302 pound-feet of torque to the drive wheels. 2020 VW Grand California USA Release Date, Interior, Redesign – Previously this year, we had taken a Volkswagen California camper to lower the Pacific Coastline Highway to obtain a flavor of the van lifestyle. Ford Puma ST-Line X Vignale review: posh Puma tested, Kia Sorento ‘3’ review: 2.2-litre diesel SUV tested, Mercedes C300e review: plug-in hybrid estate tested, Cyan P1800 review: the 414bhp Volvo restomod, Renault Captur E-Tech review: the F1-inspired PHEV crossover. VW isn’t the only manufacturer building its own camper, but the German brand is the most established, and it’s branching out with a bigger model: the Grand California. Based on the VW Crafter van, the Grand California takes everything you see in the T6.1 and turns it up to the max – quality, design, space, practicality all take a massive leap up. Whether you’re a hiker, biker, racer, artist, or photographer, this big VW van can serve as a base, a studio, or a mobile home. But vans have improved in recent years, with refinement and comfort that make them easy to pilot. per month 3.6% APR. Unlike in the T6.1 California, that bed’s pretty much fixed in position (it does fold up to access ample storage underneath), which means there’s no need to pop a roof-top tent when it’s time to bunk down. Behind the driver and front passenger seat there’s also a bench for two more passengers, which – with a bit of seat twirling – converts to a four-seat dinette. I tested one and, despite being seven metres long and four tonnes, it’s nimble. Duration £17,734.68. Representative 48 Months. Being based on the Crafter, the Grand California benefits from some smart safety systems. For a start, aftermarket conversions based on the Crafter aren’t much cheaper, and Volkswagen motorhomes hold their value incredibly well. The driving position – up high with a view out that’s widescreen in its aspect – makes maneuvering the Grand California through tight streets a relative cinch. GRAND MOMENTS Follow your instincts, discover new destinations and make an unplanned stop at a beautiful location: with the new Grand California 680, you can design your journey any way you want. Saftige appelsiner fra plantagen på bjergskråningen. BBC Studios is a commercial company that is owned by the BBC (and just the BBC). Not, perhaps, before you’ve had a meal prepared in the kitchen area, which runs galley-style along the door side, and includes a gas burner and sink above a pull out fridge that’ll accommodate even the thirstiest of campers. Grand California will be available with a high bunk bed for children. It’s based on the European-market Crafter commercial van, a vehicle, which, like the T6 beneath it, isn’t offered to U.S. customers (so despite a likely appetite for it, VW’s camper vans aren’t available in a country where one of the states lends its name to the model). the 6.8m mobile home has everything you need on board - and plenty of space for an unforgettable experi-ence. This service is provided by Disqus and is subject to their privacy policy and terms of use. Inspiring travels in your Volkswagen camper van The ventilating skylight clears steam quickly and motion-sensing lights as standard add a touch of style. More so indeed, as there weren’t any insomniacs or sexual athletes in adjacent rooms to keep us up through the night. So the Grand California is here to fill that void. 2020 (70 reg) | 11 miles | 2L | Automatic | Diesel. That’s an awful lot of money for a posh camper van, but it might not be the lavish expense you think it is. That’s a huge part of its appeal. Whatever your interests, the Grand California can facilitate and enable them. There are two sizes available the 600 and the 680 (the latter being the longer of the two). Navigationssystemerne i Grand California bringer dig sikkert frem til målet – også selvom du måske slet ikke kender det. As escapism goes, the Grand California is about as appealing as it gets, which makes it a real shame VW doesn’t sell the van in the U.S. No doubt, the Grand California would be even more at home in the big spaces of America than the tighter confines of Europe and the UK. Sleeping 2 adults on a Olympic queen size bed, with extra cabin room to relax. And it works, too. Grand Køkken. It comes with a raised camper roof, however, which means its actually taller than its 680 big brother. Ford Puma ST-Line X Vignale review: posh Puma tested, City, slicker: Honda City Turbo vs Honda e, Stig Drifts: Mercedes-AMG C63 Black Series. The Volkswagen Grand California 680 motorhome comes with everything including the kitchen sink, plus a hob, loo, shower, double bed, swivel seats, storage and picnic furniture. + Hide All Offers Grand California 600 Offer. Volkswagen Grand California Trim Levels. Fortunately, you’re unlikely to push the engine toward the top of its rev range, since camper vans typically generate their own state of unhurried driving Zen. The Volkswagen Grand California 680 motorhome comes with everything including the kitchen sink, plus a hob, loo, shower, double bed, swivel seats, storage and picnic furniture. Vehicle Imagery licensed from EVOX Images, 2020 Volkswagen T6.1 California First Drive: Poppin’ Tops, Camping In The Volkswagen T6 California You Can't Buy Here, $90,000 (estimated, converted from Euro to USD at time of publishing), Best Renderings Of The Week: From Electric F-150 To GT350 Wagon, Welcome To Rage Yard, Where Cars Become Destruction Therapy, BMW 4 Series Coupe M440i Tests Its Top Speed Limiter On The Autobahn, Incredible Swiss-Made Batmobile Desk Clock Costs $30,000. Logos © 1996. The cushions sit on a dished springing system which is unlike anything we’ve seen in American made camper vans.
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