Sac à dos Le Foulonné . Hi susan, I just puchased Medium Longhandle (peacock)ive noticed that my code is 1899089876 but it was gold hardware.. but in your list 876 is for Pewter Hardware. 5. I have a cabas in orange that I bought about a year ago. I do have the same description of the bag in here.longchamp neo small handbag (beige). The differences are quite subtle rally and i can only i,agine if you did not have a real one to compare it would be almost impossible to tell. Large Long Handle Tote, “SHOPPING”: 1899089### I wasn’t surprise when I saw it at the outlet, but boutique…. Le sac Longchamp se décline en plusieurs modèles et coloris, unis ou avec des motifs. I find your post really helpful. Hi, need some help. So just because it isn’t straight doesn’t mean it’s fake. Also one in orange, everything matched including the serial except for the 2nd E of Modele Depose instead of pointing right its on th other side. It’s make me worried about the authenticity. Hi It’s great to have found your blog while looking for the prices of Long Champ here. Would it be okay to send a picture for you to confirm? Bien sûr, ce sont d’excellents compagnons pour les cours au lycée ou à la Fac. Mar 25, 2014 @ 16:16, Hello, Wow, great article!! my model style number is 2605089018. in which its not even in ur table is that means that my bag is fake? Hi Susan, Thanks for any help. I have one right beside me right now and while I am reading this article, I am comparing it to what I have here. It says Longchamp top and bottom. Hi, does all these tips applicable also when buying Longchamp NEO for checking its authenticity? Profitez des dernières tendances sur des centaines d'articles de la boutique en ligne Galeries Lafayette ! Thank you . Style: Fourre-tout. The second and third accent marks on the E are pointing up to the right. Refer to the “PLIAGE COLOR CODE TABLE” Table. I received a Le Pliage Longchamp Type “L” bag from a generous student years ago. Even if it isn’t solid-colored, it does not have any light or dark patches like below. 7,90 EUR de frais de livraison. Your super guide is a godsend for Longchamp Le Pliage lovers like myself! Have I been duped? NMA PAC/02 MADE IN FRANCE Whats up! I will definitely check back on your site once I receive my LC. no thick rope for sure! Older versions read: . Sac porté épaule Roseau . – For the Short-handled totes in Medium, Large, and Extra Large (i.e: Type “M”, Type “L”, and Type “XL”), the zipper pulls are not gold, but are pewter in color (“gunmetal”?) Is it fake? The snap should read “ORIGINAL PRYM 6/4B”. Just wanted to ad that i just purchased a very good fake online today. It doesn’t apply too much with this because the Neo design is different. The only thing not present from the authentic one is the T from the zipper. Thank you, and thank you for the blog! I got a Long Champ Metal (Navy) and upon checking your very helpful website, mine passed the test…. LES PLIAGES LONGCHAMP – TYPE “S” Thank you! What an amazing guide. LONGCHAMP PARIS Send them to me at, Hi Susan, Those minute details will make you believe the bag is authentic! Thanks so much! The sequence that I have are 1624089850 (Made in France) and it’s a Khaki green color. I recently bought a Longchamp Le Pliage Neo in Opera and I was wondering if you could help me authenticate it. It looks like something between indigo and royal blue. I bought Burgundy color but the code is 219, which is Grape color. Hi, LONGCHAMP PARIS, Hi, this is a very helpful and great article. I think I have same question here. Appreciate it if you could assist. Hi, i sent you an email regarding my LC. Does this mean that the large tote i’ve just purchased is fake? I’ll send you an email with the photos. Your guide has been super helpful but I’d like you to personally take a look at a green Le Pliage I bought online. I just wanted to know out of curiosity. 4. I recently got a Longchamp from Nordstrom so I’m quite sure it’s authentic. But I’m so glad my guide was helpful to you! One said that the indent of the jockey on the backside of the flap is not there but everything else checks out. Although I can feel the indention I cannot see the logo. The mandarin color turned out to be orange since the color code is 217. Many thanks again Susan. Sad to say, I bought a fake one after I checked on the details on the bag that I purchased, from the zippers, buttons, leather texture and the color…, building services company MASRAHAYU BT SARMIN Susan. Mine has a barcode with number (3 597921 026051) Then there’s CE 18.09 Chocolate AA 1899089203 Just want to check with you if you can verify if this is authentic based on the tag: NMA PAC/02 TYPE “M”: Short handles, Medium Tote Je vous dis tout de suite que je préfère largement le sac avec la grande anse, il est beaucoup plus pratique. The front snap button should read “LONGCHAMP” and “1948” with a jockey logo at the center. Ce sont des sacs que j’ai énormément utilisés, autant l’un que l’autre. Sac pliage LONGCHAMP taille M noir /rouge edition limitee neuf. I am quite sure I have gotten “SHOPPING” model Large Tote with Long Handle, based on the European Large Shoulder Tote size. Très honnêtement, je trouve que la différence de prix n’est pas énorme et que le porté épaule est bien plus pratique. I will sent photos on your email..Thanks . Thank you so much for your article. The patch pony code is 1899525016 ! I just bought a tote and am worried. They said it was travel size, but not as big as i see in the original longchamp store.. Hello, Can I please sent you the pics when I receive them so that you confirm? I suggest that one should buy only from authorized resellers such as Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Longchamp boutiques, Harrod’s, Selfridges, Rustan’s Department Store in the Philippines, Takashimaya (Japan and Singapore). Both zippers have 45 and the “T” on them. But everything else seemed legit. However, my concern is that I did not find a tag inside the bag that states where it was made and any other information to confirm that it is a authentic bag. CLA LIG/M/02 or SPE PAC/02, do all bags have a tag inside with #’s. I checked all the details of my short handle medium le pliage, it fits the description and so far I can say mine is authentic. Nouvelle annonce **LONGCHAMP** SAC EN CUIR GRAINE MARRON EXCEL ETAT. I did send you an email with the pics last Saturday. I checked everything and i think i got the authentic one. Any guide for this ? Is there a chance that the mini black ones with the matte black handles (instead of leather) could have no jockey inprint at all or arethey defnitely fake then? Customer Service Help! I recently bought a Victoire from an online seller and it has a pocket inside, same side as the flap. I got my bag authenticated at the purse forum. However, I am quite doubtful with the flap, its backside doesn’t have indent of the jockey. I’ve checked every details that you mentioned in the article above. We hope this information was helpful for you and please feel free to contact us for any further questions. No the Large and XL do not come in long handles. it is in fact authentic, but i read somewhere that le pliages nowadays are made in china, but my bag says made in france. This is my first longchamp bag. I have really enjoyed your article, it is the most in-depth and interesting Longchamp one that I have read through. Longchamp . Check the table! My bag checks out with every detail you’ve mentioned above but the numbers for the color do not. By the way, how could we Hi! Excuse me, I meant the front snap button, not the logo. The gold snap button on the front.. isn’t always super upright. Thanks for posting those subtle details , you are a great resource. THIS POST WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HELPFUL!!! I was concerned regarding authenticity, am no longer, really – everything else but this hard plastic tag doesn’t check out – it’s missing the Longchamp Paris above Made in China…. A small short handle tote starts with 1621089, the 3 numbers following that is the color code . Material is different and even stitches. bag &’ I Notice On One Of Them It’s A Large Navy Blue Tote Shopping Bag One. Hi Joanne, the super old longchamps pliage bags, like the one you described, has the potential to not come with an inside clear tag. , Hi Susan , recently I have bought 3 longchamp bags, and the bag had the right hardware as what you mentioned but there is a clear strip inside said longchAmp Paris made in china , it is still consider as synths tic? I have just recently bought a LC le pliage through a popular and reputable website in Asia. Thank you in advance ? My daughter is studying in Denmark for the semester. I just had one question. Would they be considered vintage? Was there ever a bag like this made? . Ce sac petit format, léger et résistant, peut contenir un ordinateur ou des documents A4. Maybe instead of trying to save money, I should have bought an original Longchamp at Bloomingdales…….cyber Monday, extra 25% off. They are absolutely everywhere! 16,50 EUR. After referring to your post, I now have doubt with the authenticity of my bag! If I email you a few pictures, will you be able to write a letter confirming it is fake? 1007680 Many thanks. LONGCHAMP PARIS Oh well, at least I didn’t pay full price for it! Sac porté épaule; printemps-été 2011; toile / tissu; Vous aimerez aussi. On all the other points my bag passes , Was also just wondering what interior does the satchel neo fantasie have plse. Hi, I just bought a longchamp from a seller who used to collect longchamp bags and decided to sell them. – Does not have a “YKK” and “T” on both sides of the zipper, and a “45”. So, i checked several blogs to know which ones are fake just to know if my dad bought from the right person. How can I send the pictures for you to verify? I recently bought a LC Le Pliage SLH at a very cheap price. the stitching does double up on corners and in some other areas because those areas can have a lot of strain if you carry a lot of weight. I just bought a makeup case on ebay and the zipper is plastic and no YKK. If it’s authentic I’d love to purchase it before anyone else does. (Pass) just simply wanted to add the colour to your list. Jun 07, 2013 @ 10:37. Thanks for this guide! – Le Pliage Longchamp bags should indicate that it was either MADE IN FRANCE, MADE IN TUNISIA, or MADE IN CHINA. The detail is pretty amazing. And also, is the thing inside the bag a plastic transparent one? 49,99 EUR. Le Pliage Néo Sac banane M. € 165,00 Rouge. Hi Susan – You’re website is great reference tool! COLOR I picked it up from an op shop for $1 thinking ‘what a bargain for such an expensive bag!’ It didn’t cross my mind that it was fake, but I was suspicious that such an expensive bag wouldn’t have a lining. IMHO the missed stitch is a tell-tale sign. This is a very informative page, thanks for posting this! Will send you some of photos on it. As for your pre-owned bag, you’re definitely right that the indents on the leather flap is less visible when it becomes a little worn out. Check on the pliage color code table. There are only 2 sizes for the long handle totes. 990,00 € Existe en 2 coloris . I was wondering if you could provide me with some links to websites where I could get an authentic longchamp bag. New auth Longchamp Le Pliage 1899 Nylon Sac Fourre-tout avec cheval Broderie Taille l&m. “Bottom corners: A common occurrence in used totes, both the Les Pliage and Les Planetes models are tiny wear holes on the bottom four corners of the totes. I’ve see in malls some are not diagonal anymore. Hi susan, I’m so glad I found this! I live in Sydney, Australia though, the same city the seller located If the seller actually doesn’t ship to the US, because the international shipping rate could be quite expensive I guess? It is really apreciated if you can help. STITCHING Taille Homme. Have a great day! hi susan, recently bought a longchamp le pliage backpack and upon checking, it matches all your detailed descriptions. One things I curious is that, my bag have a tag mention “made in France”, from people saying if Ori it is made in China. From what I know, the Le Pliage range were originally made in France. I hope you can tell me as soon as possible if I got duped so I can return this bag right away. Hi Susan, i really admire this page, never saw anything like this, i thought tat already have a tained eye, but this one gave points, i never thought of.
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